Simple, structured feedback for everyone.

Wulu makes it easy for all your employees to create simple, lightweight forms to collect feedback.

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Wulu empowers your team members to take charge of their own professional growth.

Wulu Dashboard

Gather data to guide career growth and coaching conversations

Get feedback fast!

The entire Wulu feedback process happens in Slack, so requesting and giving structured feedback is just as quick and easy as sending any other Slack message.

Track trends

Wulu forms can be configured to re-send at regular intervals, so team members can request the same feedback to understand how they're improving and where they can grow.

Analyze & share

Wulu’s web dashboard and tagging feature makes it easy for form owners to spot patterns in the feedback they receive. Form owners can also share feedback highlights with their managers or team leads.

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Wulu features:

  • View feedback in a detailed web dashboard
  • Analyze and tag feedback
  • Send automatic reminders
  • Duplicate and share forms templates
  • Export responses
  • Send responses to a specific Slack channel
  • Fully encrypted database tables

Feedback isn't one-size-fits-all; everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, and goals, and we want to encourage your employees to request feedback that's tailored to their individual needs.